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westonlockley: (Default)
Sunday, September 19th, 2010 08:02 pm
This is an excerpt, taken out of the full text of the speech that Richard Dawkins planned to give at the London rally against the Pope, September 18th , 2010. The speech as actually delivered in Whitehall was much shorter, mostly because the rally was so huge (an estimated 15,000) that the speeches started late and had to be curtailed.

Richard Dawkins and Jozef Ratzinger a.k.a. Benedict XVI

Joseph Ratzinger is an enemy of humanity.

He is an enemy of children, whose bodies he has allowed to be raped and whose minds he has encouraged to be infected with guilt. It is embarrassingly clear that the church is less concerned with saving child bodies from rapists than with saving priestly souls from hell: and most concerned with saving the long-term reputation of the church itself.

He is an enemy of gay people, bestowing on them the sort of bigotry that his church used to reserve for Jews.

He is an enemy of women – barring them from the priesthood as though a penis were an essential tool for pastoral duties. What other employer is allowed to discriminate on grounds of sex, when filling a job that manifestly doesn’t require physical strength or some other quality that only males might be thought to have?

He is an enemy of truth, promoting barefaced lies about condoms not protecting against AIDS, especially in Africa.

He is an enemy of the poorest people on the planet, condemning them to inflated families that they cannot feed, and so keeping them in the bondage of perpetual poverty. A poverty that sits ill with the obscene riches of the Vatican.

He is an enemy of science, obstructing vital stem-cell research, on grounds not of morality but of pre-scientific superstition.

Less seriously from my point of view, Ratzinger is even an enemy of the Queen’s own church, arrogantly endorsing a predecessor's dissing of Anglican Orders as “absolutely null and utterly void”, while shamelessly trying to poach Anglican vicars to shore up his own pitifully declining priesthood.

Finally, perhaps of most personal concern to me, he is an enemy of education. Quite apart from the lifelong psychological damage caused by the guilt and fear that have made catholic education infamous throughout the world, he and his church foster the educationally pernicious doctrine that evidence is a less reliable basis for belief than faith, tradition, revelation and authority – his authority.
westonlockley: (Default)
Friday, September 17th, 2010 06:03 pm
Yesterday, Joseph Ratzinger, a liar, child rapist protector and hate monger who ignorantly endangers countless lives, has added a new absurdity to his long, long list of inanities.

It is to be feared he has become completely insane.

As usual, the silly old fool, abusing an invitation, brought his message of hate and intolerance. Some Christians have whined that Britain should receive the pope with civility and as an honored guest. OK, but the first prerequisite for that is that your guest behaves with a modicum of decency and doesn't call his hosts, who have paid for his costly trip, Nazis.

In a speech, and miraculously keeping a straight face, this blatant liar and slanderer raped history. Well, better history than minors, I suppose.

"Even in our own lifetime, we can recall how Britain and her leaders stood against a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society and denied our common humanity to many, especially the Jews, who were thought unfit to live."

Ah, yes, the Jews and homosexuals and gypsies and communists. With some of these groups Ratzinger himself has a few problems. Maybe he even thinks that in this instance the Nazis had the right idea and that they are indeed unfit to live. You know, old habits die hard. After all, the Roman Catholic church used to cruelly torture and murder gays and all kinds of dissidents without the least pity.

But, eradicate your god? I don't think so. Both Hitler and Mussolini were staunch defenders of Roman Catholicism of which Ratzinger is the current pope.

"I also recall the regime’s attitude to Christian pastors and religious who spoke the truth in love, opposed the Nazis and paid for that opposition with their lives."

Another bald faced lie. The Nazi regime was supported by the pope, the cardinals, the clergy and most Roman Catholics. Granted there were a few, a very few exceptions, but generally speaking Nazism and Catholicism were on great terms. In earlier posts I gave some evidence for that and it is literally plastered all over the internet, but for good measure I'll give some visual evidence.

Jozef Ratzinger Benedict XVI in Nazi Luftwaffe uniform
Jozef Ratzinger, the later Benedict XVI, standing up
against Nazi tyranny in his Nazi Luftwaffe uniform

Priests Nazi salute
Priests expressing their disgust for the Nazi regime by bringing the Nazi salute

Herman Goering Adolf Hitler Wedding
Atheist Adolf Hitler witnessing
atheist Hermann Goering's wedding as best man in Berlin cathedral

Hitler and Roman Catholic cardinal
Roman Catholic cardinal endangering his life
heroically fighting Adolf Hitler in person

Adolf Hitler and papal nuncio Orsenigo
Adolf Hitler trembling while papal nuncio cardinal Orsenigo
speaks the truth in love to him at the peril of his life

Shield of the Nazi Luftwaffe
Shield of the atheist Nazi Luftwaffe

Nazi belt buckle
Atheist belt buckle the atheist Nazi regime forced every soldier to wear
"As we reflect on the sobering lessons of the atheist extremism of the twentieth century, let us never forget how the exclusion of God, religion and virtue from public life leads ultimately to a truncated vision of man and of society and thus to a “reductive vision of the person and his destiny”.

Except, Ratzinger, statistics and scientific research contradict you. It is the most secular nations that are the happiest, have the fewest abortions, though they are legal there, teenage pregnancies and incidences of rape. Actually: if you don't want your children to be raped, you'd better move out of Christian neighborhoods, and, most of all, keep them out of the claws of Catholic predatory priests.

It is religion that has always been an insult to human dignity. It is Roman Catholicism that has tortured people, murdered them and generally tried to keep them ignorant and poor, because it is a vile superstition, inimical to life since it focuses upon an imagined afterlife.

Some Catholic person wrote on the BBC News website Have Your Say  (comment #1294)

"I was taught as a child that often when people insult and belittle it is more of a reflection on their weaknesses, than a comment on the people they insult. This adage has been proven only too true if the comments on this site from those against religion,are anything to go by. I would urge them to follow another rule from my childhood; if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

She had better written to Ratzinger. If any insulting and belittling was done, it was by him. I agree, however, that it is a reflection on his weakness.

But on the whole I think Ratzinger is doing great.

He lied and continues lying about the rape of minors in his unholy institution, about AIDS prevention, and now he has lied about Adolf Hitler being an atheist, while actually he was a Roman Catholic. Everybody knows that the Catholic Church collaborated with the fascist regime of Mussolini. It is in fact why Vatican City is a state, marginally less ridiculous than Disneyland, and why he is received today as a head of state instead of being arrested as the criminal that he is.

His preposterous lies have taken on such dimensions that we can hope there will come a day nobody will take him or his crime gang serious anymore. He is singlehandedly destroying a two thousand year old outrage. It's almost like watching a train wreck. Very good.

As Napoleon Bonaparte said: "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

And another. And another.
westonlockley: (Default)
Thursday, September 16th, 2010 03:13 pm
The criminal Joseph Ratzinger, also known as Benedict XVI, has landed in Scotland to preach his message of hate and intolerance.

Ratzinger is the foolish old liar who claims condoms not only don't protect against AIDS but actually cause AIDS. All scientist disagree with him. All statistics contradict this. He himself has no scientific degree. It is an obvious, malignant, harmful and murderous lie. Yet, this disgusting deceiver continues endangering people's lives in the name of some superstition.

Aids criminal pope lying about condoms

Ratzinger is also the criminal who knew child abuse was rampant in his organization, had the power to do something about it, but did exactly nothing. Instead he actively helped — not the victims, that would just be silly — to cover up the rape of children by the clergy of his unholy institution.

Churc covering up rape of deaf boys by priests

Everyone has the right to believe what nonsense he pleases and to worship, in his or her own time, whatever deity they prefer, but superstitions, even if you call them religion and you truly, honestly believe in them, don't have the right to undermine others or discriminate against them. They certainly don't have the right to endanger lives in the name of some Bronze Age set of rules. The Catholic Church has raped, tortured and murdered enough already throughout history.

Ratzinger is mad enough to think he has some moral values to "teach" us. The thought alone is revolting and ridiculous in the extreme. You could as well ask advice about peaceful negotiating from Attila the Hun.

2 million Scots good without god

He landed in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The country, part of the United Kingdom has about 5.2 million inhabitants, of which at least 2 million "are good without god". That is nearly 40%, but it is only an estimate and the true figure is believed to be much higher. In 2009, Asma Jahangir, The UN Special Rapporteur on Faith and Belief, estimated that the actual figure is around 66%.

Banner 2 million Scots good without god
If you live in the UK, you can get a free sticker. Click on the banner.

The spokeswoman of the Humanist Society Scotland, Juliet Wilson said, "Although the Pope is welcome to visit Scotland as an individual, the Humanist Society of Scotland opposes the state visit because he actively opposes democracy and human rights. We know from last week's Theos poll that 80% of Scots agree with us, and we know that fewer than 80,000 people will travel to see the Pope in Glasgow."

Juliet Wilson: "As we say, if you’re not religious, for god’s sake say so!"

yes, I'm good without god
westonlockley: (Default)
Sunday, September 12th, 2010 03:23 pm
Burry head in sand
Distressing details have come to light about abuse of children by the clergy of the Catholic Church in Belgium. The crimes were endemic and were rife in every diocese without exception. It is also thought that child abuse occurred in every Catholic school.

At least thirteen victims have taken their own life. The actual figure is unknown: it could very easily run into the hundreds. A seventy year old man told a reporter that he still had nightmares, twice a week, about what was done to him some sixty years ago by a priest.

At first sight the majority of the Belgians seem to be Catholic. Like always, Christians are lying. Somewhat less than half come into a church about three times in their lifespan: when they are born to get baptized, to get married and to be buried. Those numbers are dwindling every year.

In the late 1950's regular attendance of Sunday mass was over 60%. In 2008 this figure was barely 5%, and the church admits it is losing about 0.5% every year. That might be a lot more in 2010.

The Catholic Democratic Party had an absolute majority in the 1950's. It barely got 16,15% of the votes in the elections of 2010. That this figure isn't even lower is probably partly because the party has changed the "Catholic"-part of it's name into "Christian" and even so almost never emphasizes it.

The scandal of the child abuse has rippled through the nation. Not only the facts are shocking, but the subsequent efforts of the church to cover up the filth instead of doing something about it are equally despicable.

L'Anglophone writes (on September 2, 2010):

"According to secretly-recorded tapes made public, a former leader of Belgium's Catholic church advised a victim of sexual abuse to remain silent until after the retirement of the perpetrator, who was both the victim's uncle and the Bishop of Bruges.

Robert Joseph VangheluweGodfried DanneelsThe first of the two tapes, both of which were made public last weekend in the Flemish dailies De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad, is of a conversation on April 8th, 2010 between three people: the victim, whose name has not been made public; Robert Joseph Vangheluwe, 73, (right) the former bishop of Bruges; and Cardinal Godfried Danneels, 77, (left) the former archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels. Church authorities have verified the tapes' authenticity.

On the first tape, the victim is encouraged to either accept a private apology and remain silent, or to wait until Vangheluwe's retirement in 2011. 'The bishop will resign next year, so actually it would be better for you to wait. I don’t think you’d do yourself or him a favor by shouting this from the rooftops,' said the cardinal, adding later in the conversation, 'I don't know whether it would be to your advantage to make a lot of noise about it. Neither for you, nor for him.'

When the cardinal warned the victim against blackmailing the church and dragging Vangheluwe's name 'through the mud,' the victim replied, 'He has dragged my whole life through the mud, from age 5 until 18. Why do you feel sorry for him and not for me?'"

What did the poor man expect? Compassion from Catholics?

Last week, under the continuing pressure of the indignant public opinion, the cardinal confessed he had made an error of judgment. He made an error of judgment? How about he committed a crime? This systematic, deliberate choice of giving precedence to the "good" name of the church over the suffering of the victims is not only the pinnacle of cruelty, it has prevented any action being taken to keep perpetrators from continuing to sexually molest children. His decision has undoubtedly cost lives.

Real people have suffered horribly to protect a superstition.

Cardinal Danneels, once thought to be a possible pope, has shown us the true face of his merciless and callous institution. It is not as if he didn't know about these monstrous crimes. He just ignored them in a way that can be called nothing less than inhumanly cruel and criminal.

Father Rik Devillé, an advocate for victims of abuse by priests, said he tried to warn cardinal Danneels about the bishop’s abuse of his nephew 14 years ago, but was berated by the cardinal for doing so. This was even reported in The New York Times. Father Devillé was one of the founders of the organization Human Rights in the Church, which assisted more than 300 young victims of priest pedophilia between 1992 and 1998.

Vangheluwe did not wait to retire until 2011. About two weeks after the meeting, after a friend of the victim threatened to make the case pubic, the bishop resigned on April 23th, and admitted he had sexually abused "a boy in my entourage" two decades earlier. Despite this he will not face prosecution because the statute of limitations on his crimes has run out. The tactics of Catholic Church to intimidate the victims into silence have proven once more effective.

The Vatican accepted Vangheluwe's resignation in June, but said nothing publicly before Belgian police raided church properties on June 24th. Then it raged furiously. Cardinal Bertone angrily told reporters that not even communist states dared to treat church authorities and church property in this way. He summoned the Belgian ambassador to the Vatican and handed him a formal protest note.

It is doubtful this will have made much of an impression on Belgian authorities. In 2009, the Belgian parliament made a formal diplomatic protest to the Vatican over the Pope's remarks about the use of condoms to combat Aids. The Vatican rejected the Belgian protest as an "attempt to silence the Pope's moral teaching".

Moral teachings?

Are these criminals telling us they have anything to teach us about morality? Let's see.
  • Sexually abuse children
  • Threaten them to remain silent
  • React furiously when your vile crimes are found out
  • Hypocritically try to make yourself look as the victim
  • Tell people condoms are not safe, jeopardizing the lives of millions (since you know better than all scientists in the world)
  • Call yourself "holy"

The truth is the average sewer rat has a higher moral standard than the Catholic Church. The truth is no other organization could have committed such despicable, vile crimes without being shut down.

The Catholic Church is a criminal organization and should be treated as such. Their officials should be treated like Mafia dons. They belong behind bars pending long and thorough investigations into their crimes.

Johnny Cash comes to mind when he sung about San Quentin Prison:

May you rot and burn in hell.
May your walls fall and may I live to tell.
May all the world forget you ever stood.
And may all the world regret you did no good.