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westonlockley: (Default)
Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 10:39 am
Young woman whose nose was cut of by a stupid Muslim man because he thinks Islam, the religion of peace gives him the right.
Young woman whose nose and ears were cut of by her husband, a vicious Muslim,
because he thinks Islam, the religion of "peace" gives him the right.
westonlockley: (Default)
Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 10:36 am
Victims of rape by Catholic priests protesting during visit of the criminal Joseph Ratzinger, the lying pope to Great Britain on September 18th, 2010

Victims of rape by Catholic priests protesting during visit of the criminal
Joseph Ratzinger, the lying pope, to Great Britain on September 18th, 2010.
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Thursday, September 9th, 2010 11:16 am
Pedophile priest Church blackmailing victims

This would be funny, were it not that it is what these sick, perverted criminals actually seem to think.
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Sunday, August 29th, 2010 11:30 pm
Christians like to argue that we need objective moral standards and that only faith, their faith of course, can give them.

There is so much wrong with that statement and its wild claims that it would take a book, a very thick one, or even several to just explore how wildly ridiculous this is.

Maybe that is why this argument had such a staunch supporter in Adolf Hitler.

Hitler argues that "the existing denominations", mainly Catholicism and the Protestant Churches, offer the only basis for a moral outlook on life. For this good Christian the world itself would be "inconceivable" without faith. Of course he recognizes its use for the masses. Guess why that is?

"This human world of ours would be inconceivable without the practical existence of a religious belief. The great masses of a nation are not composed of philosophers. For the masses of the people especially, faith is absolutely the only basis of a moral outlook on life. The various substitutes that have been offered have not shown any results that might warrant us to think that they might usefully replace the existing denominations."

~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume 1, Chapter 10

Hitler signing for Catholic nun fan
Adolf Hitler and fan

Interestingly enough, Hitler here makes the link between fanaticism, hysteria, upheavals and faith.

"Faith is harder to shake than knowledge, love succumbs less to change than respect, hate is more enduring than aversion, and the impetus to the mightiest upheavals on this earth has at all times consisted less in a scientific knowledge dominating the masses than in a fanaticism which inspired them and sometimes in a hysteria which drove them forward."

~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Volume 1, Chapter 12
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Thursday, August 26th, 2010 05:01 am
kids raped by the catholic church cartoon

The catholic church: raping the minds and bodies of kids and still having the arrogance to pretend to teach you what is right or wrong.
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Friday, August 20th, 2010 02:30 pm
Evil Atheists

If they manage to stay out of the claws of religion, they will grow up to be happy, balanced individuals.
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Monday, July 26th, 2010 06:12 pm
All is well with the world.

Yep, everything is just going fine.

On Twitter some hysterical person was exhorting the devout masses to help the christian victims of rape by muslims in Iran, while the only thing those poor, innocent christians had been doing was trying to convert people to their own brand of barbarity, and away from that other skid mark upon humanity. A bit like selling Richard Dawkins' books in Saint Peter's basilica in Rome. Which would be totally OK by christians. They are known for their tolerance.

As if Iran wasn't in trouble enough with one retarded religion. As if christians hadn't anything better to do, like cleaning their own filthy house of rapists. To mention only the bleeding obvious.

Meanwhile the catholics in Boston are putting much effort in their marketing campaign called "Catholics Come Home". Yes, come home you lost sheep. We're beginning to feel the absence of your money.

One Joseph Kurtz, Great Padishah-Mogul of the Sacred Beehive of Poughkeepsie (that could also be Archbishop of the Holy Roman Catholic Church — I always confuse those two) insists on letting us know what his feeble mind thinks about marriage.

“Marriage exists prior to the state and is not open to redefinition by the state. The role of the state, instead, is to respect and reinforce marriage.”

Yeah. Kurtz obviously operates under the somewhat false impression he has any authority left. How dare that nincompoop even try to tell other people what to do and not. And, by the way, the State is not your business, Kurtz, you cheeky monkey. You have nothing to do with it. You have nothing relevant to say about it. You're just an insignificant old man who wears funny dresses and silly hats. None of those enhance your credibility. And, please, take your penis out of the anus of my underage son while you're talking gibberish to me.

Get it trough your calcified skull that chess rules only apply to the game of chess. Your ramblings only apply to people who want to belong to your club. Us sane people don't want to be bothered by your blabberings based on a collection of Bronze Age horror stories.

In Rome priests now pay adult call boys to have hot man-sex or go to gay clubs to have consensual intercourse. This is progress in comparison to raping altar boys.

Joseph "The Pitbull" Ratzinger, however, doesn't seem to think so. Still reeling from the howls of hysterical laughter and the outcries of indignation his latests inanity (declaring the mere attempt to ordain women into the priesthood equal to raping children) has provoked, he ordered gay priests to leave the priesthood. Not a wise move, a gay activist mused. The church stands to lose 98 % of its ground personnel.

It's things like these that make Ratzinger the best pope ever. He's destroying an almost two thousand year old institution singlehandedly. He is to be applauded and encouraged. Like Napoleon said "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." And another one. And another one.

You would think Ratzinger would do something for all those victims his vile, criminal organization has made. No, there are more important things to tend to than caring for some whining rape victims. What is the church? A compassionate institute preaching love? Perish the thought. Latest we heard he is writing the final part of a fiction work, "The life of Jesus, part III", based on an ancient fairy tale. (spoiler: the main character dies)

Unless he makes Jesus sparkle like the vampires of "Twilight" he could have saved himself the trouble.

All is well with the world.
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Friday, July 16th, 2010 01:23 pm
We would be 1,500 years ahead if it hadn't been for the church dragging science back by its coattails and burning our best minds at the stake.

~ Catherine Fahringer
westonlockley: (Default)
Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 11:31 am
Last week police in Belgium broke up a meeting of the country's Catholic bishops - who were discussing how to deal with the pedophile priest crisis - to investigate claims of child abuse by Belgian clergy.

The raid provoked, predictably, the anger of the Vatican.

There also were death threats against witnesses and magistrates.

This morning (July 6th, 2010) former head of the Belgian church, cardinal Godfried Danneels is interrogated by the police. He will be asked to explain why hundreds of documents, relating to the murder of two young girls by Marc Dutroux, and pictures of their death bodies and of the autopsy were found at the episcopal palace. Those documents belonged to the confidential files of the police.

He will also be asked to explain some letters found during the investigation which mentioned testimonials of victims of abuse by clericals that had been burned and in which the question was asked what to do about those still in existence that hadn't as yet been transmitted to its own abuse panel.

Police spokespersons said it would be a long interrogation.
westonlockley: (Default)
Sunday, July 4th, 2010 03:01 am
Why hasn't the criminal Joseph Ratzinger been arrested? He covers for other criminals of his rapist mafia.

On Monday, June 21st, 2010 the Vatican, headquarters of the Unholy Rapist Mafia of Rome, issued a statement rebuking Christoph Schoenborn, the archbishop of Vienna, and ordering him to shut up.

Schoenborn had accused the former Vatican secretary of state, cardinal Angelo Sodano, of blocking a church investigation into the late cardinal Hans Hermann Groer, who was accused by victims in 1995 of abusing boys at a seminary in Austria. He calls for greater transparency and demands for a crackdown on priests who rape and sodomize children.

Calling for justice? Calling for transparency? Asking that children should not be sodomized by catholic priests? What was the man thinking? That is not the christian way. Surely, he must be mad.

What is wrong with this picture?


The reaction of the criminal Ratzinger was very predictable and in accordance with christian morality: The problems of my criminal organization are to blame on those raped kids. Those little assholes keep reporting the sexual crimes of my accomplices to the media. Nobody ever had any problems in the good old days when the press printed what we told them to print, the Internet didn't exist and those evil, evil, raped kids kept their filthy mouths shut (except when we wanted to put our penis in them) because we threatened to have them declared insane and put away for the rest of their lives.

Moral people with a conscience would congratulate Schoenborn for his actions. But then again, the criminal Ratzinger is a christian, and even a catholic, so he has no morals and probably no conscience.

There shouldn't be a church investigation. Those rapists should be arrested. So should the guys who tried to cover for them, to begin with the known criminal Ratzinger. There should be a serious, independent investigation by civil authorities.

An investigation into rape by the rapists themselves is too ridiculous for words. You don't ask Hitler to investigate what happened to the Jews. You don't ask habitual liars to investigate anything whatsoever and expect to hear the truth.

So, why hasn't the criminal Joseph Ratzinger been arrested?
westonlockley: (Default)
Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 04:09 pm
Like everybody else I was born an atheist.

I was a happy kid until some stupid, heartless people told me all kinds of gruesome stories.

They were barbaric lies of course, but I was a kid and couldn't see that.

The pitiless bullies who told me those lies were much bigger than I was at six. They could easily have hurt me. Or taken my food away. They told me I would suffer horribly if I didn't believe them. Forever. They said I was only a kid and they were wise adults. They told me I was dirty. My mind was dirty and my body was dirty. I should distrust and despise both. They also told me that I was born very bad and that I deserved to suffer atrociously for ever and ever and ever. I deserved to be thrown in an open fire and get horribly burned and be in constant, unimaginable pain. That was how bad I was. Until they told me this I hadn't realized that.

It was traumatizing. So for a few years I was very scared. I had nightmares. I almost believed I really wasn't worth anything. I almost believed I was bad, just because I existed.

Looking back on it I can only describe it as child abuse. I was mind raped by unscrupulous liars.

Then I became ten.
westonlockley: (Default)
Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 01:07 pm
Why is Joseph Ratzinger, a criminal and the don of an international pedophile mafia not arrested?

There are many reasons, but one of them is that he pretends to be a head of state.

Ratzinger (nick: benedict16) pretends to be the head of state of the State of the Vatican City, a miniature "country" of 110 acres. It came into being in 1929 thanks to the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

Why am I not surprised that the Catholic Rapist Mafia and a Fascist dictator made an agreement?

It has a rather big church, a square and a few houses and gardens. Nobody is ever born there.

This preposterous construction is not recognized as a state by the United Nations. Why should it?

It should be abolished. A so called religion doesn't need a state. Other religions don't have one. Not officially, anyway. And it is used to protect rapists of little children.

It is not an unrealistic preposition. It has been done before. In 1870 the much larger Papal States were simply abolished when Italy was unified.

This nonsensical so called state should cease to exist and the criminal Ratzinger and all his accomplices should be brought to trial.
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Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 01:15 am
Why hasn't Joseph Ratzinger (nick: benedict16), a criminal and the don of an international pedophile mafia been arrested? Why isn't he tried before an international court, like the Nazi leaders, Slobodan Milosevic and so many others were?

It has been proven that uncounted members of his unholy gang put their anointed penises in the anuses of equally uncounted, underage, non consenting boys and girls or performed other sexual acts with children entrusted to their care.

It has been proven that officials of this organization of perverts knew that these crimes were going on, but covered them up.

It has been proven that they threatened their victims into silence.

Why is this criminal organization, the Unholy Catholic Church of Rome, still active?

Why aren't the chief criminals, to begin with Joseph Ratzinger, behind bars pending further investigations?

Just some questions.